As well as offering the most comprehensive range of optical testing in the country, COLTS Laboratories is pleased to offer supplies and equipment for delivery around the world. Take the time to peruse our comprehensive catalog.

COLTS sells the following equipment:

  • BTE (bayer tester)
  • STE (steel wool, eraser, cloth rub tests)
  • 5 light black inspection box
  • BYK Hazegard
  • BYK Gardner
  • Tumble tester
  • Dark field Illuminator

For complete list of equipment and supplies please download our catalog.

Do note:

  1. All orders require a Purchase Order and/or Credit Card Information.
  2. Bill to and Ship to addresses will need to be supplied on each order.
  3. Shipping charges will be added to the total of each order unless arrangements are made otherwise. (i.e. your freight forwarder or an account number for UPS, DHL or FedEx)