About Us

COLTS Laboratories - the test of excellence and expertise

COLTS Laboratories, was founded out of a need for standardized performance testing and confidential test results. The facility opened its doors back in 1997, in Clearwater, Florida.

When it comes to the optical industry, COLTS Laboratories is one of the most trusted testing centers in the country. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality testing services and expertise and together our technicians can boast over 150 years of combined experience in all aspects of the optical industry. COLTS Laboratories covers all areas of ophthalmic and safety services from testing to product validation and we are globally recognized and respected as a leader of and innovator in the industry.

COLTS Laboratories initially wanted to provide a testing service that would apply the same standards to all ophthalmic products. They were so successful at this they they are now instrumental in the development of performance testing now used internationally. In addition, they have developed the COLTS Standard Tests and freely distribute these to the industry via their web site.

They may have started out with only basic lens testing services and 4 eager employees,but COLTS Laboratories now has 17 employees and offers ophthalmic lens, frame, cleaning cloth, lens cleaner, lens packaging, equipment and associated product testing.

In addition, COLTS Laboratories also offers a complete line of face and eyewear protective device testing, and as an an accredited laboratory it offers testing for these products from all over the world as well as selling the test equipment itself.

Our sterling work over the years has given COLTS Laboratories an enviable worldwide reputation. People in the industry now know to look for the COLTS Laboratories Performance Seal, granted to products that meet the COLTS Laboratories' quality standards.

Our full range of services

Ophthalmic testing, including ANSI Z80.1, ANSI Z80.3, ANSI Z80.5, ANSI Z86.11, ISO 8980, ISO 14889, ISO 12870, EN 1836, EN 7394, CSA Z94.5, ASTM D 542, ASTM D 543, ASTM D 635, ASTM D 1044, ASTM D 1308, ASTM D 3359, ASTM D 3363, ASTM E 578, ASTM D 4329, ASTM F 659, ASTM F 735, ASTM F 803, ASTM F1776, ASTM G 151, ASTM F1776-01, ASTM G 154, NZ/AS 1066, Safety testing,including ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3, EN 166, EN 167, EN 168, EN 169, EN 170, EN 171, EN 174, EN 175, EN 379, MIL-C-83409, MIL-PRF-31013, MIL-STD-662F, MIL-PRF-443668, MIL-V-43511C, MIL-STD-810F, COLTS Laboratories Standard tests, including cloth, cleaner and towellette testing, Dye, frame, strength, abrasion and environmental tests), Bayer Abrasion, Steel Wool, Falling Sand, Tumble Abrasion, Taber Abrasion, Eraser Abrasion, Cloth Abrasion, Cycle Humidity, Crosshatch Adhesion, Salt Bath, Artificial Perspiration, Photochromic Life, Photochromic Speed of Activation, Photochromic Speed of Deactivation, Photochromic Temperature Dependance, Contact Angle, Cometic Inspection, Spectral Analysis, Anti-Fog, Static Load, Abbe, Index, Haze, Yellowness Index, Equipment and Supply Sales, including, Bayer Abrasion Equipment, Steel Wool Abrasion Equipment, Eraser Abrasion Equipment, Cloth Abrasion Equipment, Tumble Abrasion Equipment, AR Hydrophobic Life Equipment, BYK Gardner HazeGard, Dark Field Inspection Equipment, Cycle Humidity Oven.