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With over 150 years of experience between them in all areas of the optical industry, our staff pride themselves on offering the very highest standards of testing for leaders in ophthalmic manufacture. You need to achieve compliance and we’re here to help you do that.


Testing Services

Quite simply we’re the industry’s most respected provider of independent third party testing. From lenses and frames to face and eye protection and cloth testing, we help you to market your product with confidence.



Equipment Sales

From multi-functional testers to tumblers, haze testers and luminators, we stock testing equipment from world class manufacturers including Bayer, BYK-Gardner and COLTS. We have everything your lab needs.



Supplies Sales

Accessories including cleaning cloths, neoprene gaskets, crosshatch tools, Kryptonite B, leap pads, stainless steel balls, Sodium Chloride, desiccators, Potassium Sulphate, steel wool, abrasion media and more.


In this industry certification is everything

We help you make the grade

  • American National Standards Institute
  • American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
  • Safety Equipment Institute
  • American Board of Opticianry
  • The Vision Council

COLTS Technical Experts attend the ANSI Z87.1 and Z80 Meetings