Our Team

John M. Young


John is an Engineer and Optician who's been active in many areas of the optical industry including engineering, research and development, and quality control. He has five patents for the design of optical lenses and devices, and has authored more than 100 published articles and papers and lectures around the country. He received the 1992 Man of the Year Award from the National Academy of Opticianry and the first President's Award from the Opticians Association of America in 1994 for his dedication to the advancement of education. In 2005 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Optometric Association's, Association of Schools and Colleges. John founded COLTS Laboratories in 1997

Kimberly Hutton


Kimberly has over 20 years in the optical industry and has been at COLTS since it was founded in 1997 and has intricate knowledge of all aspects of the business. She has held a variety of positions at COLTS. She has extensive experience in accounting, human resources, marketing, quality systems, customer service, business development, long range strategic planning.

Daryl Neely

Vice President and COO

Daryl is a Quality Engineer with over 30 years experience in the optical industry. His experience includes working in the quality engineering discipline, as well as responsibility for supervision of a test lab for a large lens manufacturer. He has extensive experience in statistical analysis of data, especially as related to the optical industry. Furthermore, he is knowledgeable in the areas of quality systems, continuous improvement, auditing, standard operating procedure development and statistical process control techniques.

Gregory Williams

Technical Services Manager (Ophthalmic)

Greg is an ABO Certified Optician with more than 40 years’ experience in the optical industry and is a Level 3 accredited ABO CE lecturer. He has worked in wholesale laboratories, private practice, and corporate retail chains. Greg has extensive skills in the areas of lens manufacturing, dispensing, staff management and development. In his 15 years with COLTS his experience includes testing and processing of frames, lenses, hard hats, and safety protective equipment. He’s actively involved with customer education in training at COLTS and his CE lectures. He is responsible for customer service and assisting his clients with all their testing needs and questions. Greg is also the Vice Chairman of the TVC Lens Technical Committee and is COLTS representative as a technical expert on both the ANSI Z80.1 and ANSI Z80.3 standards committee.

Dale Payne

Technical Services Manager (PPE)

Dale has 30 years experience in the optical industry. He has extensive experience in wholesale laboratories including management. Over the past 21 years with COLTS he has built testing equipment, trained technicians and conducted educational classes for customers. He has been involved with developing procedures and reports in accordance with industry standards. In his current position he is responsible for assisting clients with Personal Protection Equipment testing submission and helping clients understand the standards, and clarification on all Eye and Face Protection testing.

We are currently staffed with 5 highly experienced Certified Opticians.